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"Where words fail, music speaks." Hans Christian Andersen

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For more information, for a Certified Clinical Musician to play therapeutic harp music for private patient visits, or to book your event:

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The Ode Ensemble plays for libraries, other community non-profits, nursing homes / senior housing, hospice patients and church / sacred settings.

Ode requests 30 days' advance notice for most bookings for performance events. Exceptions can be made based upon availability, and whether the requested program is in rehearsal at the time of request.

Appointments for therapeutic bedside harp visits are made directly with Ep(ode) LLC for Sandy Pereira, CCM, using the contact link on this page.

If you or your family member is a patient of Beacon Hospice of Rhode Island, therapeutic bedside visits can be requested directly through Beacon by contacting their South Kingstown office. You may still use the contact email on this page for immediate assistance arranging your appointment.

If your family member is a patient in the YaleNH Hospital network at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital or at Westerly Hospital in Westerly, RI, you may request a bedside visit through the nurses' desk on your floor. Sandy Pereira can be reached through the Volunteer Services office or chaplaincy at each hospital.

How you can Support Ep(ode):

If you would like to contribute to our mission of bringing beautiful music to help others in our community, please consider supporting Ep(ode) by using the

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button to send your gift.

Ep(ode) would love to use your gift to buy harp strings, transportation, or toward continuing education.

...all gifts are truly appreciated...

Thank you!

Beautiful, gently used harps available for purchase.

For the current selection of availiable harps (wire, lever, floor and lap harps)

inquire by using the links available on this website, or by emailing sandy@odeharper.com

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"Do you know that your soul is composed of harmony?" Leonardo da Vinci